So you wanted to know more about the author, eh?

That’s me in the header, brooding in the mountains in the north of Sweden. I’m not from that area of Sweden though, but from the much flatter south where the main character of Alice’s Anger starts her journey.

I was born in 1988 in Lund where, after much traveling and staying abroad, I ended up living. I studied environmental engineering but took creative writing courses on the side while getting my degree. I’ve written fantasy and science-fiction stories since my teens and gradually became more serious about the craft of writing. Eventually all that writing became my debut novel Alice’s Anger.

Still curious? Check out the pictures below for a too personal look into my life. Spoiler alert: I’m a silly person.


Heading into the fight of my life. Guess which one of us is extinct? That’s right.


It seems like everyone has a few tattoos and I’m no exception.
I’ve got two, one of which I got while sober, neither of which I regret.



Frying some marshmallows in butter for dinner. Did I mention I have a sweet-tooth a mile wide?


My girlfriend and I posing for our captor. We have since escaped the tower. I’m not as tall as this picture makes me look. She’s tiny.



Me working on Lucifer’s Lies, the sequel to Alice’s Anger. If you’d like to know more about upcoming releases and get the very occasional update on projects, sign up to my email list at the bottom of this page.